I'm going to make everything around me beautiful!

As founder of Fixxd Beauty Bundles I first had to be FIXXD. When the Lord called me, I knew it was a calling because He called me to something very specific. He uses everything for His purpose, my gifts, talents, personality, passions, hobbies, education, and even the pain I've experienced all fit together for His purpose for me. I've always had a passion for empowering women, a desire to give back, and a eye for hair/fashion. It all embodies what Fixxd represents. I am a business and education coach & mother who believes you can truly have it all. You can create a successful business doing work you love, while also living a life you love. I now realize the trails i have been through prepared me for the weight of my purpose, there's nothing broken that can't be FIXXD... even you..yes you reading this.


My character has been shaped by God and inspired by my love for my family and close relationship with my mother, who was my self confessed "SHERO." 

I am passionate about using effective systems & strategies to help men and women build or rebuild thriving businesses or establishing a foundation that will improve their life.


We believe that temporal beauty may be lost in brokenness, but eternal beauty is birthed through brokenness and can be FIXXD.


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