Frequently asked questions

How Many Bundles Do I Need For Full Sew In?

3 is recommended but this can range from 3 to 5 depending on your desired fullness.

What Lengths Do You Carry?

10"-30" Bundles

How long will my Hair Extensions last?

There are so many factors to consider; products used, climate, water, how often hair is washed, heating tools, and of course how we individually care for our hair. If you read the information provided on our care card, you will find the average life expectancy of the hair, considering the best conditions and proper care, as no 2 people care for their hair the same way. With the proper care 2 years.

How do I Place Clip In Extentions

Start with the longest pieces as low down on your scalp as possible, then work your way up using the smaller pieces. The single clips are great once you have the other pieces in place to fill in spaces framing your face where you need a little more length!

How do I measure my headsize for my custom wig

To determine the right cap size is as important as choosing a style and color. It's easy to do and worth taking a few minutes of your time.

I purchased a wig from another company can you install it?

Regretfully this is not a service we offer. We are not a full service salon therefore we only offer wig install services when we can. We do work with several local stylist if you need a reccomendation please contact us.

I have bundles already can you color them?

Regretfully this is not a service we offer. We do not offer coloring services on products that are not ours.

How long is the processing time on your custom wigs?

Standard processing time is 7-10 business days. We do offer a rush service $50 rush fee.