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Updated: Aug 13, 2018

It has been the goal to create and provide a resource to help my readers "Find your FIXX". To dramatically simplify the process for my readers, their family members and friends go through to identify and engage the resources they need to make their necessary transitions in life.

In this section you will find a variety of helpful tools, how to's, contacts, reciepts, and proven techniques for finding successful career/education opportunities and much more. #FixxdBeautyBlog

Business to Business Connections:.

A warm introduction is the most valuable thing you can offer a client, a customer, or a colleague -- if it's done correctly. Below you will find some of our personally recommended business colleagues and friends. Oh and tell them, The FIXXD Beauty Blog sent you :) #FixxdBeautyBlog

Connect with them for all your needs, you won't be disappointed! #FixxdBeautyBlog

Let's be honest, job interviews are scary to say the least. You're already hoping you don't mess it up by saying the wrong thing and then there's the added pressure of having to look your best. So, here are a few outfit ideas that will help you make an awesome first impression. #FixxdBeautyBlog



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